I don’t eat pasta out of a box or a bag, because it’s not very good.  Homemade pasta is delicious but it takes a lot of effort to make.
I had something awesome called spaetzle in Berlin with my dear friend Ilka and I haven’t looked back. It’s super easy to make and so-so-sooo yummy.

Yes those are Enchanted Map oracle cards from Alyshea on my desk


TOTAL TIME: 20 mins, tops
This recipe makes about twice the plate above.  Double for 4 servings if desired.


2 eggs
Spoonful of salt
Dash of pepper
1/2 cup of milk
1 heaping cup of flour
Butter (optional)


Wee tomatoes
cheddar cheese
Meatballs (or sausage, or tofu, or whatever)
Alfredo sauce

First I diced the onion and slightly browned it in a pan.  Then I halved the wee tomatoes and threw them in.


I let them simmer on low while I whipped up the spaetzle.

Beat the 2 eggs in a bowl with the milk and salt and pepper.  Then mix in flour.


Get a pot of water boiling on the side.

I had homemade meatballs in the freezer, so I threw those into the simmering pan, and I had some spinach going limp in the fridge so I threw that in too! Put any nips and knobs in the fridge in there, like peppers, mushrooms, whatever you need to get rid of. Turn heat to medium.

So you put a collander on top of the pot of boiling water and plop the spaetzle dough into it.


It feels like madness but it will work out I promise.  You push the dough through the holes, aggressively, swirl it around, poke it in with a spoon or your fingers, until it all drips through the holes.  If you get impatient you can plop little bits into the water by hand, if you are coordinated enough to get small strings of it in.  Boil that for a few minutes.  Take one out and taste it to make sure it’s cooked.  I betcha it’ll be effin delicious.


I added a few spoonfuls of alfredo sauce to the simmer pan and mixed it up.

Drain spaetzle. Put into a pot or bowl with butter and little cubes of cheddar cheese and mix it all up.

You can eat spaetzle plain just like that, by the way, or with parmesan cheese, or just the butter, or whatever you like.  This alfredo-veggie-thing is just what I did today.

WP_20160210_0112.jpgOm nom nom. Enjoy!


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